The Little Green Man


The Little Green Man was an 80s cartoon written by Mathew Smith and told by Jon Pertwee. The main characters were Greenie (the little green man) his companion Zoom Zoom (which was like a little ball of light) and Skeets, a small boy whose name was Sydney Keets.

Each cartoon was around 10 minutes long and there were apparently 13 made although I could only find the titles of 11 episodes :

1. The Visitor from Space
2. There’s No Fun Like Snow Fun
3. Up Up and Away
4. Greenie Thro’ the Looking Glass
5. Help for the Duke
6. Monkey Trics
7. Skeets’ Scarf
8. A Trip to the Circus
9. An Adventure in Space
10. A Fishy Tale
11. A Bicycle Made for Three


Here are the closing credits and theme tune of one of the little green man episodes (including a bit of the ending and then a snatch of Rod Hull and Emu before the next show on CITV that afternoon, Thomas the Tank Engine). Ah, memories…

Sadly this wonderful cartoon has hardly been seen since. Some of the episodes were released on video years ago but as yet no dvd.


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