Little Green Man


The Little Green Man is a cartoon show from around the mid-80s (there are some sources that say it was a bit later than that but I have a video clip on my Little Green Man page which is dated as December 1985 so I think saying mid-80s is close enough). It was voiced by Jon Pertwee of Worzel Gummidge and Doctor Who fame and was a great little cartoon. The theme tune is really catchy and Skeets starts off each cartoon by whistling it but it is almost impossible to tell what the song lyrics are, I’ve had a go below, and I think I’ve got most of it, but I can tell you now that the bit about mushroom is wrong and I think the last line is probably only audible by dogs 🙂 If you can catch what it really is please let me know.

videoThe Little Green Man Lyrics (sort of)

Come on and meet
the little green man and zoom zoom
Visiting them from planet onbizarre
Bright but quite invisible
Nobody else can see them
only you and me and
Sitting with keets and
mushroom is his nickname
Skeets is the boy that
Greenie has come to see
Skeets and zoom zoom
are part of every one
Wherever they are
there’s plenty of fun
with the little green man


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